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Exploring Eldership

STOP PRESS - One Day Conferences for Session Clerks
Dundee Session Clerks: Sunday 16 September - 2001
Lochcarron and Skye Session Clerks: Saturday 6 October - 2001
Annandale and Eskdale Session Clerks: Saturday 3 November - 2001
Aberdeen Session Clerks: Saturday 10 November - 2001
Lothian Session Clerks: Saturday 2 February - 2002
Elders' Conference at Carberry: 15-17 February - 2002
Elders' Conference at Balvonie, Skelmorlie: 1-3 March - 2002
Session Clerks' Conference at Carberry: 5-7 April - 2002
Orkney Session Clerks: Saturday 11 May - 2002

For details of these events contact Sheilah Steven at the Church of Scotland, Board of Parish Education

Email Sheilah Steven

Tel: 0141 400 9395
Address: 110 St James Road
G4 0PS

Signing the Formula

Being an Elder

Learning to Care

Something to share
Something to Share

The Next Step

Praying with People Worship

Leading Worship

Leading Small Groups

The Board of Parish Education

Courses for Elders and Others

Many Presbyteries have appointed Elder Trainers.
They offer modules on leadership, faith sharing, prayer and pastoral care. Each module lasts between 90 minutes and two hours. The method is interactive involving discussion, the sharing of experience, handouts and sometimes video.

They can be used individually as part of a conference, an away day or a Kirk Session meeting. Alternatively the modules can be grouped together to offer 2,3,4 or 5 unit courses. These can be offered in individual congregations, for groups of local congregations or at Presbytery level.

Exploring Eldership: for new and prospective Elders
1. The Elder as Leader
2. The Elder as Pastor

Being an Elder: considering the Eldership Promise
1. Faith
2. The Church
3. The Kirk Session
4. The District Elder
5. The Eldership Challenge

Learning to Care: for Church Visitors and Elders
1. Getting Beyond the Weather
2. Listening Skills: Handling a Grievance
3. Caring for the Lapsed
4. Visiting in Loss and Bereavement
5. Prayer

The Next Step: for Church Visitors and Elders
1. Visiting Young Families
2. Visiting in Times of Uncertainty
3. Visiting the Sick
4. Visiting the Confused Elderly

Something to Share: for those who would like help in putting their faith into words
1. We All have Something to Share
2. Our Faith Journey
3. Questions people Ask
4. Making Disciples
5. Caring for new Christians

Praying with People: for those who wish to develop prayer as part of their ministry
1. Praying as an Elder
2. Praying on a Pastoral Visit
3. Praying as a Session

Leading Small Groups: for those who have been asked to lead a task or study group
1. Why Work in Groups?
2. Common Problems in Groups
3. What makes a Good Leader?
4. Methods of Working in Groups

Also Available:
Leading Worship
Exploring the Task for Session Clerks
The Elder and Youth Ministry in the Local Church
Basic Kirk Session Management
From Contact to Integration (attracting and keeping Church members)

For details of any of these courses and information about residential courses run by the Eldership Working Party contact:
Mrs Sheilah Steven
National Adviser in Elder Training
Board of Parish Education
International Christian College
110 St James Road Glasgow
G4 0PS
Tel: 0141 400 9395

Email Sheilah Steven

Read what some Elders who have been on these courses had to say:
I realised in myself how much I do enjoy being an elder - Kincardine and Deeside Elder
I thought I knew all the answers to the problems raised but I came away a much wiser man than before - Ardrossan Elder
Never before have I spoken about my faith at such an intense level and I was quite surprised at how comfortable I began to feel in doing this - Moray Elder
We had fun together - Fife Elder
The hands-on approach was very helpful - Edinburgh Elder
It helped me to reflect on what our congregation was doing and what could be done - Oban Elder
I found it very helpful - practically, emotionally and most of all spiritually - Aberdeen Elder

A brief outline of the Role of Session Clerk

Resources for Elders and Session Clerks

A prayer for Elders - from the Book of Common Order

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